Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rockin' in 2012, Again

Apparently this summer isn't the Summer of Love, but the Summer of Re-Love.

Johnny Depp and Tim Burton may be trying to tap into 1970's nostalgia with Dark Shadows, but the action isn't on the screen, it's in the music behind the movie.

Hearing all those 1970 hits again, and seeing that Alice Cooper is not only still alive, he's still rockin', was enough to get us to buy the soundtrack. Turns out we're not alone.

The music business realizes there is money in the pockets of millions over 50. Check out the bands on tour this summer: Van Halen, Kiss, Glenn Frey, The Beach Boys, KC & the Sunshine Band, Melissa Etheridge, REO Speedwagon, America and on and on we go back into 1970 all over again.

We noticed Boomers were driving the music tour business two years ago when we saw that Bruce Springsteen's tour, at age 60, earned more revenue than did the tours of Coldplay and the Jonas Brothers combined. Born to run, indeed.

Bottom Line for Marketers: Wake up and smell the Ben-Gay -- older consumers spend money, lots of money. Tap into them now and guarantee yourself a recession-proof summer. You'll love it.

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